Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Blogging evolution

One of the things about blogging, I discovered, is that it is far easier to do so when you have some photos to display. You can blog about the event's surrounding that photo and the meanings, if there are any. When I mention photos, I mean those that are taken personally, and not just a rip-off from some other website. But taking photos today is not difficult - digital cameras have found its outlet medium on the web. In fact, the next big thing that will take over from e-mail is the combination of digital camera and the weblog - the digitalcameraweblog, that it.

Today, blogging has gone beyond personal journals. Anything and everything that looks vaguely like a blog, or structured like one, is call a blog - never mind about its origin as a personal journal. So there are personal blogs, business blogs, sports blog, community blogs, and whatever else that people can think up. Even Content Management Systems Software are proud to claim that their software offer blog features, such as Mambo/Joomla.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wounded Dove

Wounded DoveRight now, Ariel Sharon lies in hospital, totally incapacitated by a severe stroke that likely means the end of his leadership of Israel. Just when the world is hoping for a lasting peace in the Middle East, at least between the Palestinians and the Israelis, with the unilateral withdrawal of the Israelis from the Gaza, the architect and leader of this process is now a step from death.

Who could have predicted this outcome? or hoped for it? There are, of course, some people, particularly Muslims around the world who may be celebrating the cruel fate that has befallen the man who did so much to foil Israel's 'enemies' in its bid to survive as an independent nation after 1948 half a century ago. Those who celebrate must feel vengeance obtained, but what matters, really, is what lies ahead. Sharon has shown the way towards peace with its neighbours. Let his erstwhile enemies put aside past animosity and meet him halfway. The tragedy is that few want to, or are able to make the journey to the middle.

I foresee a future where Israel will continue to war with its neighbours, unless someone can take over Sharon's agenda sooner rather than later.

Truly, it is man who plans and proposes, but God disposes.

Picture source: Wounded Dove