Friday, July 07, 2006

A teacher who destroys

Abu Bakar Bashir -, some Indonesia Muslims have jumped into the worsening Palestinian situation in the Gaza by urging its adherents to take up arms in Palestine. And the biggest 'head' in this rallying call is reportedly non other that Abu Bakar Bashir - he who protested and vehemently denied his role in the Bali bombing in open court. I don't know what kind of Muslim he is, but obviously he is a liar, a cheat and by any standards, an immoral person. Now, he wants to reprise his role as murderer as well. There is a Chinese saying - "Borrow a knife to kill people". Bashir is bent on borrowing, yet again, the young lives of Muslim youth to do his dirty work in the name of Allah. Does he want to rise to the seventh heaven on the coattails of the young and pliable Muslims in the schools that he runs?

The teachers' vocation has always been an honourable one. But in him, we see a teacher not as a shaper of lives for the better, but a teacher bent on destroying lives. It is unfortunate that he was even released from prison so early. Now he has the freedom to go about committing more crimes against humanity. Going by what he is doing now, he should have been locked up for good.

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