Friday, September 30, 2005

Deception in high places

Lies, all lies! It appears now that many of the widely reported atrocities that allegedly happened in New Orleans' Superdome and Convention Centre and its vicinity either were wildly exaggerated or never happened. And the sources of these rumoured events came allegedly from high places, from the Police Chief, who allegedly resigned without citing any reason and, allegedly, the Mayor. Now I am ready to sympathise with the victims of this disaster, but I am appalled by the allegedly opportunistic behaviour of leaders in high places who have to, allegedly, lie to get this sympathy.

I am no longer sure what really happened and who said what. Perhaps the videos that were circulated around the world in the aftermath of the hurricane gave credence to these lies, but they are lies nonetheless.

I am dismayed. Its a sad day for mankind.

Many of these revelations are coming out of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, no less. In the days to come, there'll be more finger pointing.

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