Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Press goes Dick...err... Duck Hunting

Dick...err...Duck HuntingI am amazed at the American's penchant for hyping everything up. I am no political pundit, and I may not fully understand the American psyche surrounding the accidental shooting of Vice-President Cheney's hunting partner, but to berate Mr Cheney, and President Bush and the White House for not telling the world (read the American Press) about that incident immediately, if not earlier, is incomprehensible, at least to a non-American.

Look, as far as I know through the press (no less), it was an accident, and the first order of things under this circumstance is to see to it that Mr Whittington gets immediate medical attention. I do not see how getting the immediate attention of the press can help, at all. I have a feeling that the Press feels slighted, and is therefore now crying like a baby, but dressing it all up as an issue of accountability and relating to this to the 'typical' way that the Bush White House treats the world. If nothing, I must give credit to these Americans for the very imaginative way in which they are able to add 1 to 1, getting 2.5 as the result, and feeling very smug about it. Simply amazing.

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