Wednesday, May 07, 2008

S-weeping time

The generals in Myanmar have the gall to ask the international community for aid in the cyclone disaster that has hit Myanmar. When it came to human rights, it is none of the international community's business. When it comes to human suffering, it is the international community's obligation. So far, the cyclone Nargis has claimed more than 10,000 lives - truly a disaster on the scale of the Asian Tsunami back in 2004.

The international community must help Myanmar, but it must not help the generals stay in power one day longer than necessary. These bunch of crooks have deprived the people the option of defending themselves. They reportedly did not do anything when they were warned of the impending cyclone two days before it moved into Myanmar. If you ask me, these generals are guilty of negligence of the highest order and should be court-martialed. The only problem is that the judges in the court-martial will be their own, so it will become a kangeroo court.

Even amidst the suffering and the aid that must be rushed to Myanmar, it is time that the incumbent military government be overthrown. Can this be the cyclone that also sweeps the government into the Bay of Bengal? One hopes so.

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