Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Blogs for self-promotion

Blogging is an attractive self-publishing medium. This explains its popularity, even among people whose literary endeavours do not extend beyond sending SMS. Some blogs are interesting, thoughtful, where the blogger writes about interesting topics, the majority are more personal. Indeed the older generation (people above 40?) see blogging as not much different from keeping a diary, which they once did many many years ago when they were the same age as today's avid young bloggers.

There are, however, bloggers who use the medium for self-promotion, putting up suggestive photos of themselves and describing their daily trysts for the whole world to read and see. There is nothing wrong in this, just that when you start to appear dressed in nothing more than a piece of string around your waist, then tongues will wag, the news media will find it newsworthy and the blogger will attain instant fame. I suppose every blogger's dream will be to have their blogs featured in the press. This is ironic because their blog is already visible to the world to read. But nothing can compare to instant local fame (or notoreity), I guess.

I know because I have seen a blog (here on put up by someone I have known that is suggestive and where the print media has featured in its 'bak-gua' columns. Now this person will be better known for the time she was NOT with us.

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