Friday, August 05, 2005

Disappearing Blog

I was mystified yesterday when, after creating a new blog, my page didn't display a single one of my blogs. I have already got about 6 - 7 blog entries created. I checked my account and the blogs are still there, they can be retrieved and edited, so what gives? I thought that I might be having the same type of problem I had encountered in Yahoo's 360 account - sometimes the blog displays and sometime it doesn't. By the way, 360 is still in beta testing, but its a great tool for blogging and other stuff, but I couldn't stand the instability. Anyway, to come back, I left it at that. Hopefully the next day (now), it would have sorted itself out.

But no, the blogs still were not there. I checked high and low, switched from IE6 to Firefox and was about to fire off a bug report to blogger when a lightning bolt struck! I checked the template I was using and indeed, the problem was with the template. Somehow, in editing and saving the template a couple of days ago, the CSS template got truncated right at the location where my changes to the template were made. I chose another template, applied it and republished by blogs and hey presto! the entire blogs were displayed.

One hindsight, this probably happened because I was encountering erratic wireless connection then, so the template I was editing probably got 'sliced' and the wireless connection failed. I am blogging this because it might be useful to some of you who may be having the same problem.

p.s. Whereas IE wouldn't display anything, Firefox displayed a load of garbage that looked like this:

margin:0; padding:0; font-family: Georgia, Times, Times New Roman, sans-serif; font-size: small; text-align:center; color:#29303B; line-height:1.3; background:#483521 url("") repeat; } blockquote { font-style:italic; padding:0 32px; line-height:1.6; margin:0 0 .6em 0; } p {margin:0;padding:0}; abbr, acrony

This gave me the clue that the problem most likely was with the template.

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