Sunday, October 02, 2005

Forever Bali

When will they ever stop? What is driving these people to commit mass murder? What are their motives? Who are they? What are they?

Questions, questions, questions. But the answers, if they exist, will provide little respite or any solution to these acts of murder and violence. For it now seems that these acts are irrational, irresponsible, unthinking and indiscriminate - but when has it been otherwise? More Indonesians than any other nationalities are reportedly killed in this latest round of Bali bombing last night during dinner. Many of these Indonesians, I am sure, were just going about an honest day's hard work, earning a living and providing for their wife, children, brothers, sisters, mothers etc. Today, there will be more orphans and widows.

Blaming western powers is an albatross. Israel has just given the Gaza Plains (back?) to the Palestinians. Iraq has formed their own independent government. There has been progress on these fronts towards peace. Yet, these terrorists bombers are no nearer whatever objectives they have in mind, nor have they demonstrated any success in moving towards it, whatever it may be. 3 years on, they are repeating acts of destruction, with nothing to show for their effort. To me, they are just a band of gangsters roaming the country, killing and maiming whoever they fancy (or do not fancy). Its murder, pure and simple.

All countries, including Muslim countries, must condemn this latest action because it has NOTHING to do with Islam or religion. To imagine so is to delude yourself and fall into the very thought trap that these terrorists have set up. These terrorists must be eradicated. There must not be a single hole in which they can hide anywhere on planet Earth.

Let all countries of the world unite towards eradicating this scourge once and for all.


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