Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Small is bulky

The iPod Nano, as the name suggests, is very small and very thin, measuring just 3.5 x 1.6 x 0.27 inches. So thin that some people have reported cracked or scratched screens. Well, I don't want to speculate whether this is a quality problem, handling problem, or whatever. I am sure everybody will have his/her take on this.

What I do note is that protective cases/poaches/wallets/whatnots are available for the Nano, much like those for cellphones. There are many designs, include flip-open types and tag types (those that you can wear around your neck, or wherever you fancy). While giving the user / owner of the Nano peace of mind and a sophisticated look, its also ironic. Why? Because the size of the Nano with the protective coverings is no different from the iPod mini's original size, so what is the benefit of miniaturization?

Some years ago, I began using cellphones. Then, they had already shrunk in size to that of my palm. In order to protect my precious cell, I put a protective cover around it, something like a poach, which made the whole thing more bulky than the cellphone on its own. But I could still take it around in my pants pocket, although there tended to be, ahem, a bulge. This cellphone looked in mint condition when I changed it for a new one about 2 years later, but I wasn't going to get any more trade-in value because of this. Anyone who handed in a battered cellphone of the same model as mine would have gotten the same trade-in value as my mint condition cellphone. So all that protection and bulk really was a waste of effort and convenience.

I never put on protective covers for my cellphones again. Would I do it for the iPod Nano, assuming that I own one? I am still thinking, or dreaming ;-) about that...

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