Thursday, March 23, 2006

I believe in...

It is sad to read that an Afghan national, a Mr Abdul Rahman, is facing the death penalty because he chose to become a Christian 16 years ago. The strength of his beliefs is evidenced by his willingless to face death rather than renounce the religion which he has come to accept. Unfortunately, Afghan Muslims do not see it this way. They see it as a case of apostasy, as if race or nationality has anything to do with religion.

Islam practices proselytising their religion. It welcomes one and all into their religious fold, even if this involves (as it must, unless that person has no prior religious beliefs) the convert renouncing his/her former religion. I wonder if they do not see the conflict and contradiction in their stance? But of course, Islamic Extremism is again rearing its ugly head, but judging from the recent past, it is unlikely that moderate Muslims will come to the rescue of their fellow national, even in a matter of life and death.

This is so very sad.

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