Monday, April 03, 2006

New Yahoo UI

Yahoo UIYahoo is upgrading its User Interface - you know - the page you get when you url into My homepage is set to When I was surfing the web last Saturday, I hit on the new interface and was asked to evaluate and provide feedback. Since then, the old has been restored.

Its a pity I didn't take a snapshot of the new UI. It's more organised (anything other than the present UI must be more organised!). It has three panes across the screen, with all the Yahoo services (such as 360, Auto, Finance, Games, Geocities, etc. grouped in a vertical directory list on the left side. Mail, My Yahoo, Messenger, etc. are also grouped together in a box on the right, although Mail is also located at the top banner location, signifying perhaps that Yahoo Mail is the most popular link on Yahoo's homepage.

There are a lot more UI changes, but I cannot remember them all. It's looking more like My Yahoo! UI, but I am sure there will be more changes I will not have seen. Users who saw the experimental UI were invited to leave comments on improving the interface. I am not sure if Yahoo plans to make the UI user-configurable, like My Yahoo, or Google ( I have a feeling that it won't be user-definable, or at least not as extensible as the two.

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